I finished college in October after two pretty awful last years. People, let me tell you, it was a struggle to get through, mostly because it was filled with enough red tape to sink a cruiser. I tried being patient, to give the Gods plenty of time and opportunity to help me, but I faltered plenty of times as well--in my faith, in my patience, and I swear, this whole mess took so long because of that. If I had just surrendered and waited it out while creating the opportunities, I would have gotten out of that school much sooner. I vowed to myself then that next time--next challenge--I would wait it out. I would be patient. I would not give into despair.

You see, I think there is a difference between sitting back and expecting the Gods to fix it and waiting to act until the time is right. I tried everything I could to fix the situation prematurely last year, and along the way, I got frustrated, and sad, and scared. In hindsight, if I had just accepted what I knew in my gut at the time--that the time was not right, and that I just had to wait a little longer and put faith in the Gods--that period of my life would have been so much easier for me.

Of course, the opportunity for a do-over presented itself quickly. It's now well into March and until about a week ago, I couldn't find a job to save my life--not even something small and temporary. This economy is hard, and finding anything is a mess. We made due with my girl's savings and her income. We made it, but we struggled along the way--financially and emotionally. Money issues can weigh a relationship down, I fear.

Last week, I landed a job--it isn't much, part-time, commission-based sales, but it pays. It's an income. We were both beyond excited and it seems the waiting period is finally over: I may have proven my willingness to put my faith in the Gods. A few days ago, I got another job offer for some freelance graphic design work, and just yesterday a part-time PR/marketing position for a local art initiative that I am very excited about. The last may yet fall through, but I am putting it up here for a reason: I made it, the wait is over--the challenge is over--and I got out on the other side. You have no idea how much of a relief that is.

I could hang this off of something ethical, or bring in specific Gods, but mostly I just want to bask in the glow of having work again--it's a mess, but it's money and good Gods, do you know how long it's been since I had either of those?! So here is the moral of the story: things work out with faith and hard work. Those two things are all you need, along with a boatload of patience. Something less personal tomorrow, I promise.