'Atlantis', BBC One's TV series set in a hollywood version of ancient Hellas that follows the Jason, a strapping young man who ends up traveling to the--previously believed to be mythical--city of Atlantis in search for his father. Here, he ends up in a world of adventures, trying to find out who he is and who his father was. I have recapped the whole of season one, and used to post them on mondays. This morning, I felt nostagic, so I went on an Atlantis hunt. 

It seems that there is still no set airdate for Atlantis, but filming started last week. Our heroes have their scrips, and seem to be pretty excited about it. By the way, did you know that the Oracle has a Twitter account where you can ask questions about the show? Whoever mans that thing is pretty hilarious.

It seems that for a while there was a 30-minute behind-the-scenes video that I cannot find anywhere on the web today? Is there anyone out there who can find it? I'd actually love to see it. What I did find, though, is my favorite behind-the-scenes picture ever. Robert Emms rocking an umbrella? Oh yes!

I'm not sure if today's post actually adds anything to your life, and I'm sorry if it doesn't, but I would kind of like Atlantis to be back now. It's not perfect, and good Gods, Hercules needs to sit down and be quiet for a while, but it's set in ancient Hellas, and it speaks of the Gods in a respectful manner, and I rather miss doing the recaps. So, perhaps I should be pre-ordering season one on DVD, seeing as you can do that now, and have a marathon once it comes out--just to tide me over until season two. Speaking of which: are you excited about that? What are you looking forward to most?