As the blogger of a Hellenic blog with a good few visitors every day, I feel it is my duty to promote any solid initiative that aids the Hellenic community. Case in point: some beautiful people un the US are trying to get funds together to build a temple of Apollon:

"We have a dream to see the Gods of Hellas and their rites restored and reinstated to their deserved place of glory as ones who are worthy of our devotion and praise in the modern world.  This fund is being started in Honor of Apollon, the God of prophecy, healing and light in hopes of it contributing to the foundation of a real and functional temple to be located where he sees fit to inspire the construction. Please join me in my efforts as I labor towards this goal in the name of Apollon and all of Olympus. No contribution is too small and all will be dedicated towards achieving this vision."

Brandie Elaine is a self-described Pythian reconstructionist priestess who feels called to create a temple for the God she serves. Along with Todd Jackson she is trying to set up the temple in the Las Vegas area--and in such a way that it can be economically self-sustaining right away so that the space can be rented. In this way, the initiative would be vastly cheaper than it would be if a property had to be bought (even though that is a long term goal).

Those who donate can choose from a few perks depending on the amount given: dream interpretation ($3,-), an oracle session ($7,-), third eye activation ($33,-), a purification ($77,-), or a light healing session ($100,-). Of course, you can also donate any amount without claiming a perk. Donations can be made through PayPal, creditcard, bank account or WePay. Once more, the fundraiser can be found here.