This beautiful, beatiful video was created by Panos Photography. Panos began taking photos as an attempt to express the way he sees everything and trying to capture this in photos. Over the course of 365 days, Panos took 55.000 photos, over 825 hours of shooting. He documented 8400 kilometer of Greek skies and spent 650 hours of editing to honour his Hellenic father, Konstantinos, who lost the fight to cancer. the result is spectacular, to say the least.

"Dad the video is ready, I know you are not here to see it together, but forgive me I cannot type “in memory of” for you.. cause you never left me and you never will.
Μy immunosuppression didn’t keep me down, neither the cold, nor the heat. What kept me out there dad was you, because you are out there Dad, up in the Greek Skies, every time I turned my camera up in the sky I was pointing at you.
You made Greek Skies so much more beautiful and so much more amazing.
Dad the video is you, you are the Greek Skies.
I will continue following the lesson you taught me in your last days. Support every human being that gives this battle with everything I can. And this is just the beginning…
You were there Dad. 365 Days, 55.000 Photos, 825 hours shooting photos, 8400 km, 650 hours of editing, and countless hours of praying.
You were there with me & you will always be.
Till we meet Dad!
Your Son."
There is also a 'making of' video that is well worth the watch. Enjoy this look at the beatiful skies of Ellada.