Oh my Gods, they are so beautiful! A very important find was unearthed at the archaeological site of Aptera, Chania on the Greek island of Krete: two small sized sculptures (approx 0.54cm height), one of Artemis made of copper and a second of her brother Apollo made of marble.

The statue of Artemis, guardian Goddess of Aptera, is in excellent condition and was standing on a square, ornate, copper base. She is wearing a short chiton and is ready to shoot Her arrow. Extremely spectacular is the preservation of the white material used for the iris of Her eyes.

Apollon's statuette is simpler and in total contrast with the emphatic depiction of the dominating protector Goddess. However, the sculpture is of excellent artistic execution with apparent the use of red colour.

Both statuettes were probably imported from artistic centers outside Krete in order to decorate the altar of a Roman luxury residence. First estimates date both of the statuettes to the late 1st - early 2nd century AD.

Here are the images, found on The Archaeology News Network: