For the British/London readers: the Ligatus Research Centre has announced a public lecture by Professor Petros Koufopoulos on the history and development of the Parthenon Restoration Project. The lecture will be held at the Chelsea College of Arts on February 9, from 18:00 to 21:00. It is open to all and will be followed by drinks and refreshments. Tickets cost £5 (Standard) and £3 for students. If there ends up being a video, I'll hunt it down and post it for everyone else.

Professor Koufopoulos spent 10 years working on the conservation and restoration of the famous UNESCO World Heritage Site at the Acropolis in Athens, Greece. He will speak about his experiences and the challenges and achievements of this ambitious project.

Professor Koufopoulos is a world-leading expert in architectural conservation and restoration who has worked on a wide range of projects in Greece, Cyprus and Sinai. Since 2009 he has been Associate Professor of Architectural Design and the Conservation of Historic Buildings and Sites at the University of Patras. He is the author of numerous publications and a regular speaker at international conferences.